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My Notes and words

It is quite a humbling thought that these words can be read as easily on the other side of the globe as in my next door neighbours study.  They can be read by people in countries where basic fereedoms are protected by Law, and by those in countries where the only freedom is inside one's own head.  It is the strength and breadth of the Internet.  It allows knowledge to travel accross borders in the blink of a mouse click.  Not just factual information and learning, imporatant as that is, but culture, opinions, thoughts, ideas, ways of living and insights into the bad as well as the good side of a system or culture.  People can find each other, or re-discover each other.  Friends and families can stay in touch and it closes vast didatnces so that absence doesn't seem so arduous as maybe once it was.
Over the coming months I want to add to thsi first foray into the Web, putting up pictures, thoughts, words, knowledge, and adding to the vast pool of the all that this thing is.  If you are reading this, please check back, and see how I get on!!